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 Advertising Rates for our newspapers (all in full colour)

Normal run of paper (retail)
casual one off
$7.50 col cm
National (commission bearing) $8.58 col cm


Contract rates, annual centimetres

200-499 $6.66 col cm
500-1000 $6.10 col cm
1001-2000 $5.57 col cm
2001-4000 $5.20 col cm
4001-5000 $4.80 col cm


Trade and Service insertion

6cm by 1 column Ads (3 month contract) $21 each week

Classified display

Ad with a border $7.15 col cm
National (commission bearing) $8.58 col cm
Line Listing – Words only, no border $10 for 10 words then $0.25 for each subsequent word


Proofs are sent via email. If we receive no reply we must then assume that the advertisement is cleared to be published.

All prices quoted exclude GST. Full colour FREE.

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