Jenn Currie ended up on stage as a camera person at Saturday night's Trafalgar Park concert. Photo: Charles Anderson.

How Jenn ended up on stage at the Bryan Adams concert


Every few weeks the Nelson Weekly speaks to someone interesting with an interesting story to tell. This week, Charles Anderson sits down with Jenn Currie who recently returned to Nelson from overseas and turned up to help work at Saturday’s Bryan Adams’ gig that was supported by Dave Dobbyn and Jordan Luck, only to find herself on stage filming the action.

How did you come to be working at the event in the first place?

I told the woman running the gig that I had worked events before, so she put me on the waiting list. I wasn’t even sure if I was going to work at all. Then she called and asked if I could help clean up the rubbish after and I said ‘sure’. It’s a good excuse for a good concert. Then she told me on Saturday ‘I’ve got a new job for you. I need you to operate a camera’. I had no idea what that was going to entail. ‘Sure thing,’ I said. So I just rocked up and they had a different company in charge of the camera. Then they asked ‘what experience have you got?’ There was dead silence. None of us had ever worked on cameras before.

What was their reaction?

I think they were a little bit taken aback. He said ‘they are not just your phone cameras.’ We figured that much. Then we were down in front of the stage learning and then the guy points on to the stage and says ‘that’s where you will be’. We didn’t realise we would be on stage.

That must have been a bit overwhelming?

I was pretty nervous to be honest, not only have I not operated one, but on stage everyone could see me. So, I had to try and look like a professional even though I had no idea what I was doing. It took a while to get on stage as I didn’t have the right accreditation. But they ended up getting me my own pass which meant I could go anywhere I wanted to. Then I got about five minutes of practice. It was fixed to one spot on the front corner of the stage. Luckily, I didn’t have to lift it because it was so heavy. They were like ‘don’t touch any of these buttons’, so that was a bit intense.

So you filmed Dave Dobbyn and Jordan Luck?

Yeah. Bryan Adams had their own people who were probably a bit more experienced. The first time I went out on the stage I expected people to tell me to go away, but they didn’t. it was quite surreal.

How did you enjoy it?

It was great. It was a bit different and it was exciting to get on stage. We actually met Dave Dobbyn afterwards, so we got to go and eat in the catering area and he came in with the band. We had a good chat. He was really nice, and he was talking about how he was finding it quite hard with everything going on in Christchurch. It was a really human moment.

And what did you think of the concert?

It was great. I got to watch Bryan Adams and then worked through the night picking up the rubbish and helping take down the stage, so it came full circle.