Katie Pascoe and Karolina Gorton in the ‘Playlist for Earrings’ exhibition. Photo: Jonty Dine.

Hearing art through earrings


Two local artists have come together to give audiences a treat for their eyes as well as their ears.

“Playlist for Earrings” is a collaborative installation by Katie Pascoe and Karolina Gorton that brings together illustrations, jewellery and music.

It began as an online Instagram exhibition by Katie before being developed into a playlist for earrings centred around disco themes. These songs have echoes of the gender politics that arose from this era.

“Earrings are seen as fashion items, but for me they definitely held something,” Katie says. “I was lucky enough to go to Grace Jones and something cemented with creating a playlist for earrings.”

Katie designed the exhibition to feature earrings which were linked with their own particular song.

“I am interested in an art practice that explores creative possibilities and ideas with objects,” she says. “As a contemporary jeweller, I am particularly interested in objects that relate to the body. Objects can be powerful things that connect us to people, places and even the mystic unknown at times.”

Then she enlisted Karolina to translate the jewellery pieces and photographic portraits with her distinctive hand-drawn style.

“The Playlist for Earrings is a jewellery, illustration and auditory exhibition sensation – fun, light, but with a good punch as well.”

The exhibition is on at Salt Gallery on Vanguard St until Saturday.