Family Jewels store owner Grant Smithies is hosting discount sales and all-vinyl party for Record Store Day. Photo: Charles Anderson.

Celebrating all things vinyl


There is little doubt that Grant Smithies is a little obsessed with records.

So it’s little surprise that he is rubbing his hands at the prospect of Record Store Day – an international extravaganza celebrating independent record sellers around the world.

Grant and his wife Jose Cachemaille set up Family Jewels at the Free House last year and since then the punt on passion seems to have paid off.

“I see all kinds of people, from those obsessive record collector types to those who have a pint and get nostalgic for the formative music of their youth, to those who are about 18 to 20 and are starting to buy vinyl of Led Zeppelin and The Beatles and The Doors. It’s the same stuff I was buying at their age with my paper run money. So it’s really social.”

To celebrate, Grant is having a discount day at Family Jewels next Saturday where he will also bring in a selection of interesting records from New Zealand artists.

Then in the evening he is hosting a party at Deville where he and a bunch of mystery DJs will play a selection of music from “The Golden Years”.

“From 1979-1989 is an amazingly productive musical era. You have post punk, early hip hop, great disco, early house music and Jamaican dance hall,” he says. “You can play Bowie next to Prince next to Chic next to The Buzzcocks, and get away with it.”

Grant says it will be “all vinyl action” and the last party of the year before it gets too cold.

Golden Years on Saturday, April 21 from 9pm, Deville, New Street, $20. Presale tickets from Deville and Family Jewels Records.