Restaurant kicks up a stink


Yogi Unger says his new-born baby Charles should be able to sleep in his own room.

But ever since a new neighbour moved in he says his Tahunanui home has been stunk out with the smell of food.

“It’s horrible, it’s absolutely horrible.”

The entire family have been forced to sleep in the lounge to escape the smell coming from next-door Taaj Indian Restaurant.

“It starts in the morning and goes all day,” Yogi says. “Depending on what the wind is doing it blows straight into us. You can see the smoke, it’s like a bonfire.”

When the Nelson Weekly visited there was a noticeable smell throughout the property. Video taken by Yogi shows smoke funnelling out of ducting on top of the restaurant’s roof.

He says he has gone the restaurant six or seven times but the staff there laugh off his concerns saying it’s just the smell of “good food”.

He has also made several complaints with council.

“But nothing seems to be done,” he says.

Nelson City Council says its last audit of the restaurant found it had good systems in place but has one food-related complaint, which is being investigated.

Council confirmed that it had received “a number of complaints concerning odour from cooking fumes”.

“Despite a number of visits, we have not been able to establish the level of nuisance,” a spokesperson says.

However, council inspectors spoke to the operators of the restaurant about steps they could take to minimise odour and they had made some changes as a result.

“Council will continue to monitor the situation.”

The owner of the restaurant could not be reached for comment.