Some of the graves damaged at the Richmond earlier this month.

Police seek families affected by Richmond grave vandalism


Police would like to hear from families affected by the vandalism of about 70 grave sites in the Richmond Cemetery earlier this month.

The families will be invited to attend a Youth Aid family group conference with the two youths who allegedly damaged the graves, to decide on appropriate punishment for the senseless attacks.

However, Nelson Bays Youth Aid Sergeant Charlie Parfitt says they are “having trouble” contacting the next of kin with only around 10-15 families coming forward by the end of last week.

“We want to hold a Family Group conference in three to five weeks so we’d like these families to contact us so we can invite them to come,” Charlie says. “The conference will decide where we go from here and determine how these youths are held accountable, so it’s really important.”

Charlie says the families can contact Donna Smith at Nelson Victim Support by phoning 03 5463847 or emailing