New App for Nelson


The Nelson App is now live.

The app has been in the works for months in the build up to its June 6 launch. The app features breaking news, weather, attractions, sports draws and ground closures, road closures, movie and theatre, listings of various restaurants and cafes and even a list of every playground in Nelson.

The app is owned by the same company that publishes Nelson Weekly and its managing director Andrew Board says he’s delighted that it’s up and running.

“It’s been an exhilarating and often exhausting process but we’re there and we hope to build on the app and make it a “must-have” for locals and visitors to our region.”

More than 100 local businesses have advertised on the app from its launch day. Andrew says that’s encouraging. “I couldn’t believe the excitement for this when we started to show potential advertisers. I only had three businesses that weren’t keen.”

Andrew says he’s been working with the creator of a similar app in Wanaka, Tony O’Regan.

“Tony’s been great to work with. The Nelson App is the third of its kind in the country after Wanaka and another in Central Otago. Hopefully we’ll see more in other parts of the country over the coming months and years.”

Tony says The Wanaka App and Central App are the fastest growing apps in New Zealand on a per head of population basis. The Wanaka App is now on 7,000 devices which is over 100% market penetration according to Tony. The Central App is on 6,000 devices and growing. “We have high hopes for Nelson. It is the first market of that size, so it’s going to be great to watch how it goes,” Tony said.

Horizon Poll is forecasting that 92% of adult New Zealanders will have a mobile device by the end of 2017. “It only seems right that local people should have access to local news and information on their mobile device,” said Tony. When asked if there were any more markets lined up to launch Tony said “watch this space”.

If you have an Apple phone, download here
If you have an Android phone, download here