NELSON, NEW ZEALAND - MAY 19: NBL Basketball Nelson Giants v Hawks on May 19 2017 in Nelson, New Zealand. (Photo by: Evan Barnes Shuttersport Limited)

Live Blog: Nelson Giants v Wellington Saints


The Nelson Giants face a tough ask tonight to keep their slim playoff chances alive as they welcome the undefeated NBL league leaders Wellington Saints to the Trafalgar Centre.

The Mike Pero Nelson Giants are coming off a 12-point win against the Hawke’s Bay Hawks but this will be a big step up.

Injured point guard Kyle Adnam is warming up on court in a good sign he might play tonight.

Tip-off is at 7pm.



8.34pm Saints win 95-78. Giants plucky for two and a half quarters but could not sustain it against the undefeated Saints.

8.28pm Prester hits a three as the Giants look for some respectability in the final score. 92-73.

8.24pm Saints have slammed the Giants here in the second half. This has really got out of hand. 90-67, Wellington lead with four minutes to play.

8.20pm Finn misses the chance at a three-point play but the Saints are in over-drive here. 86-67.

8.17pm Bronson Beri sets up Granger for a corner three but the Giants can’t get the defensive stops they need, 77-62.

8.15pm Finn starts the fourth with a drive and dunk 73-59

8.12pm The dreaded third quarter strikes again. The Saints turn a one-point halftime deficit into a 73-57 lead.

8.08pm Giants need a bucket 64-57 down. Timeout as the Saints hit another offensive board and bucket

8.05pm Saints lead by one 58-57.

8.02pm Prewster gets the Giants back in front and Finn misses a runaway dunk, best say nothing about that 54-52 Giants.

8.01pm Finn with back to back three! 52-52.

8pm Here come the Saints, scintillating start at both ends of the court. They lead 52-46.

7.57pm We are back for the second half. Saints take the lead. 45-44

7.41pm The Giants lead at halftime 44-43. Good half from the Giants against an unbeaten Saints team. They have let the third quarter be their issue this year so hopefully, they rectify that.

7.38pm Kyle Adnam with a pull-up jumper  44-40.

7.35pm Kyle Adnam gets a bucket on goaltending 42-36.

7.34pm Beri gets called for a harsh foul. 40-34 Giants lead.

7.31pm Back to back twos to Ingham and Prewster 40-30 Giants lead.

7.28pm They stood off Grim and he nails the jumper. 37-28.

7.26pm Bronson Beri with a layup 34-28.

7.25pm Scrappy period of play a bit of niggle as well, all good stuff. Giants cold with the shot 32-28.

7.22pm Delany back and the Giants struggling for rhythm early here 32-28.

7.20pm Two quick buckets from the Saints. Sloppy turnover from Adnam and poor defence from Granger not helping. 31-26.

7.17pm Giants lead 31-22 at quarter time. If they can maintain that intensity and work rate across four quarters they’ll be a chance in this game. It has been their issue though this season.

7.15pm Giants get two fastbreak points and lead by 10! Timeout Saints with 46 seconds left. 29-19.

7.14pm Tom Ingham with the board, finish and foul! He’ll go for a three-point play. Gets his own rebound on that 27-19 Giants lead.

7.13pm Giants matching the Saints here 21-19 up with two minutes left in the quarter.

7.11pm Tom Ingham rolls and Prewster hits two 18-17 Giants lead.

7.10pm Offensive foul by Adnam. Delany to the bench for Bronson Beri 16-15 Saints lead.

7.08pm Kyle with a pull-up jumper. Welcome back indeed. Adnam and Delany combine for a throw down. Pretty play 14-14. BJ Anthony on for the Saints.

7.06pm Kyle Adnam with a three as they double-team Delany. 10-9 Giants.

7.04pm Buckets coming easy in the paint for the Saints, Adnam nails two and Finn hits a three Giants lead 7-6.

7.03pm Finn Delany and Tai Wesley exchange buckets 2-2.

6.56pm Giants starting five: Dion Prewster, Kyle Adnam, Morgan Grim, Finn Delany and Tom Ingham.

Saints starting five: Shea Ili, Josh Duinker, Corey Webster, Leon Henry and Tai Wesley.