Police take steps to counter burglary increase


Police are taking further steps to counter the recent increase in burglary offenses.

With an increase of more than 10 percent over the past 12 months, concerned Police Commissioner Mike Bush says its something they are determined to tackle.

Police have announced they will now take three steps to prevent and resolve dwelling burglary.

These steps include insuring all house break-ins are attended by police and within a reasonable time, lifting dwelling burglary to a priority offence and preforming ongoing district and national level operations focusing on burglary and youth offending.

Mike says dwelling burglary has a huge impact on individuals, families and communities.

“It is an invasive crime that seriously effects its victims. Too often, New Zealanders are left with a diminished sense of safety and security as a result of their home being entered by an offender.

“These changes are designed to support the ongoing efforts of our people to deliver safer communities, free from victimisation.”

The system changes are expected to be completed in the coming weeks and staff will be formally tasked about the new approach within the next two months.

However, in the meantime police continue to encourage everyone to ensure their homes are locked and secure, to get to know their neighbours, and to report any suspicious activity.