Live Blog: Nelson Giants vs Waitakere Super City Rangers


Tonight Mike Pero Nelson Giants take on the Waitakere Super City Rangers to defend their position at the top. is live blogging the game from court side.


Full Time: Giants defeated 111-100 by the Waitakere Super City Rangers.


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Photo: Barry Whitnall/Shutter Sport.


9.02pm: Devendorf sinks both free throws with an assist from Te Rangi and its full time. 111-100 Rangers.

9.00pm: Te Rangi sinks both free throws with 20 seconds left. 108-100 Rangers.

8.58pm: Phill Jones sinks a beautiful three and the game is really heating up! 106-100 Rangers.

8.56pm: Te Rangi hits his second free throw, one minute left. 106-98 Rangers.

8.55pm: Ben Strong breaks the 10 point lead with another three up on the board. 105-98 Rangers.

8.53pm: Roberts crumbles under the pressure and misses both of his next free throws. 105-95 Rangers.

8.51pm: Ranger Terrence Roberts hits both free throws, 10 points in it with 2.14 on the clock. 105-95 Rangers.

8.49pm: Rangers Dylan Boucher puts up two before the Giants do the same and Phill Jones finds the gap. 103-95 Rangers.

8.47pm: Devendorf brings the Rangers past 100 with a three pointer, they’re up by 10 and even their coaches don’t believe it. 101-91 Rangers.

8.44pm: Jarrod Kenny brings it back to a six point game with four minutes on the clock. 97-91 Rangers.

8.43pm: Ben Strong adds two before Cowels intercepts a Ranger response. 95-89 Rangers.

8.40pm: Rangers Terrence Roberts sinks a good looking three before time out is called. 95-87 Rangers.

8.39pm: Giant Ben Strong puts up two and it’s getting close once more. 92-87 Rangers.

8.38pm: Cowels sinks two threes. 89-85 Rangers.

8.36pm: Te Rangi sinks a three-pointer and the Giants are lagging. 86-80 Rangers.




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Photo: Barry Whitnall/Shutter Sport.


Six points in it at three quarter time.

8.30pm: Ranger Nick Barrow hits two free throws. 78-84 Rangers.

8.28pm: Lindsay Tait drives through the whole court to sink a basket but Ben Strong drops two in response. 82-78 Rangers.

8.26pm: It’s going back a fourth with two minutes on the clock. 78-75 Rangers.

8.25pm: Tait hits a free throw before Jarrod Kenny puts up a shot and Nic Trathen slam dunks. 76-73 Rangers.

8.23pm: Phill Jones shoots two free throws before Devendorf drives through and shoots. 69-73 Rangers.

8.20pm: Devendorf extends the Ranger’s lead. 71-67 Rangers.

8.19pm: Ben strong sinks two free throws and Bronson Beria and Finn Delany are subbed back on. 69-66 Rangers.

8.16pm: Phill Jones sinks two free throws. 67-62 Rangers.

8.14pm: Kenny misses his first free throw but sinks his second. 64-60 Rangers.

8.12pm: Finn Delany nails two free throws. 62-59 Rangers.

8.11pm: The Rangers have found their offence with Brook Roscoe putting another two points up. 62-57 Rangers.

8.11pm: Rangers lengthen the gap 60-57 Rangers.

8.10pm: Finn Delany baskets one free throw. 58-57 Rangers.

8.07pm: For the first time, the Rangers take the lead after Devendorf puts two points up on the board. 57-56 Rangers.

8:06pm: The action kicks off with 20 minutes to go and the Ranger’s Lindsay Tait closes the gap to one point. 56-55 Giants.


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Photo: Barry Whitnall/Shutter Sport.


7.50pm: Half Time. 56-52 Giants.

7:49pm: Eric Devendorf intercepts Ben Strong and sinks a three-pointer.

7:47pm: Ranger Terrence Roberts narrows the gap with one minute before half time. 54-50 Giants.

7.45pm: Ranger Eric Devendorf makes the first free throw but stumbles at the second. 54-46 Giants.

7.43pm: A foul is called and Ben Strong responds with two free throws, Rangers get a shot in but Cowels responds twice. 52-45 Giants.

7.41pm: Tom Ingham gets up and through for two. 43-38 Giants.

7.37pm: The Rangers are closing the gap with a three-pointer from Lindsay Tait. 40-36 Giants.

7.32pm: Ranger Eric Devendorf intercepts and drives down the court to sink a shot. 38-26 Giants.


7.27pm: Cowel sinks two free throws and intercepts a Ranger response, passing to Ali Granger who sinks a three-pointer with the sound of the buzzer.

7.26pm: Ranger Terrence Roberts sinks a basket. 33-24 Giants.

7.25pm: Phill Jones comes back on for the last minute. 33-22 Giants.

7.21pm: The Rangers intercept a failed three-pointer by Phill Jones, Ali Granger and Bronson Beri sub in. Giants 29-19.

7.19pm: Phill Jones shoots one free throw and the Rangers are getting aggressive. 29-17 Giants.

7.17pm: Ranger Terrence Roberts slam dunks but Cowels pulls out another swish three-pointer. Giants 28-17.

7.16:pm: Finn Delaney knocks down two free throws. 20-11 Giants.

7.14pm: Ranger Reuben Te Rangi baskets a three-pointer and Giant Raymond Cowel responds with a three-pointer of his own. 18-11 Giants.


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Photo: Barry Whitnall/Shutter Sport.


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7.11pm: Finn Delaney slam dunks just before the quarter time buzzer. 15-4 Giants.

7.10pm: Finn sinks a three pointer. 11-4 Giants.

7.09pm: The Ranger’s Reuben Te Rangi puts two free throws up on the board but the Giants respond. 8-2 Giants.

7.05pm: Tip off time and the Giants are starting strong with Ben Strong, Jarrod Kenny, Phill Jones, Raymond Cowels and Finn Delaney who put the first scores on the board. 2-0 Giants.



6.53pm: Seven minutes until the game begins, the Richmond Primary School noise crew are hyping up our Giants who are warming up and and the crowd is flooding into the Trafalgar Centre.