Waimea College House Sports 2016


Red, blue, green and yellow hordes swamped the Waimea College field today for the school’s House Sports day.

Each year, the school’s four houses take to the sports field for a day of chants, sport and fun activities.

Cooper, Sheppard and Rutherford themed their chants on cheerleaders, sailors and the jungle but at the end of the day, Hillary’s daycare styled performance stole the show.

Hillary house captains, Casey Ogilvie and Mardi McBride say they couldn’t be prouder.

“It’s a bit overwhelming right now, we put in so many hours throughout the whole holidays and to see the whole house come together, it’s awesome.”

Mardi says yellow plan to dominate the whole year.

“We want lots more wins,” he says with a grin.

New principal, Scott Haines says the competition is a really great way to start the year.

“It’s been a fantastic day, I’ve really enjoyed the competition and camaraderie of all the houses and it’s awesome to see this really cool house spirit.”

“The school I’ve come from had a really strong house sports culture, but this is just a whole different level,” says Scott.

“In a big school like this with 1555 kids, it’s a really great way to break that down into smaller units and have not just school pride, but pride in your house too.”

The houses were judged on creativity, colour, signs, chants and bribes.

“What clinched it for Hillary today was the full package, their chant was awesome, they had a really original, well thought out song, they were creative and just really nailed it,” says Scott.

For more on the day, check out next week’s Waimea Weekly.