Hitch-hikers get creative for rides


A pair of European tourists have found the trick to finding a lift in Nelson — dress like a crocodile.

Hugo le Hardy, 21, and Tanguy Riondet, 23, are from Belgium and France respectively and have been travelling through New Zealand for several months. They were seen today on Rocks Rd and later on Annesbrook Drive hitch-hiking to the Nelson Lakes with Tanguy wearing a crocodile onesie.

He says the tactic has worked a treat. “We want to make it fun and it’s worked. We’ve had three rides since I started wearing it two days ago. We’ve never waited a long time and met some crazy people.”

The pair say they’ve enjoyed Nelson and have had locals offering to take them hunting and people have taken them into their homes. “Kiwis are so nice. We really like it here.”