Council paint out sign due to cyclist priority


A speeding cyclist has prompted the council to paint over a cycleway sign on the intersection of the Maitai walkway and Trafalgar Street.

The Nelson City Council had received complaints the path was being misused by cyclists who took priority over the area and did not treat it as a shared pathway.

Bicycle advocacy group, Bicycle Nelson Bays, says they agree with the council decision to remove the signage on their facebook page.

“It’s also a reminder of why we need to be particularly careful and considerate on our shared pathways and how easily the actions of a single cyclist can affect us all.”

They say the council should take a similar approach with cars and cyclists.

“It’s interesting however that the council doesn’t run out with a paint brush every time there is a near miss with a cyclist and a car or perhaps consider banning cars from out streets altogether in order to avoid conflict on our roads.”

A council spokesperson says new signage will be installed notifying all users that the path is a shared path.

The section of path was upgraded in march by widening the walkway and providing seating areas.