All go for friendly road worker


Motorists driving down Moana Ave on Friday got a pleasant surprise as they were passing through, with an enthusiastic road worker giving them the go ahead, along with a smile and a wave.

At a traffic controlled roadworks site halfway down the street, ‘lollipop’ worker Gae Smith greeted vehicles with a cheery smile and a wave, and saw them off on their way, several of whom then called Nelson Weekly to say how much they enjoyed it.

Local driver Michelle Collier says she couldn’t believe the woman controlling the traffic was so pleasant, and says it made her day to recieve a huge smile on her way to work that morning.

“I just loved her attitude, this woman was absolutely beaming at people, and the best thing was she gave people smiles even when she realised they didn’t have one.”

Gae says she doesn’t think anything of offering people a friendly wave but says she’s aware it’s not the usual treatment you get from road workers. “People say road workers always look grumpy, so I just give everybody a wave and a smile as they pass through.”

The Allied Workforce employee says she enjoys her job, and waves and smiles at every car passing simply to be kind, and says not all drivers seem to appreciate it.

“Not everybody waves back, and you can usually tell straight away if they are going to give you a wave or not, but if they don’t I still give them a smile and off they go.”